Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Shruti (Microtonal Interval notes): 

These are microtonal sounds found between Sangeet-upyogi Nadas (musical sounds). They can be heard and distinguished by a sensitive musical ear only. They can now be seen visually on an 'Oscilloscope'. Shrutis are also called Microtonal Intervals of Sound. The gaps are increased between the sounds to make these Shrutis to notes for the purpose of easy recognition and the development of music by using them when playing and singing.
There are 22 Shrutis used in Indian Music.
1. Tivra         8. Raudri     15. Rakta
2. Kumudwat      9. Krodhi     16. Sandipini
3. Manda        10.Vajrika     17. Alapini
4. Chhandouati   11. Prasarini 18. Madanti
5. Dayawati         12. Priti      19. Rohini
6. Ranjani         13. Manjari   20. Romya
7. Raktika         14. Kshiti       21. Ugra 
22. Kshobhini