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A Raga is a combination of sounds or swaras having qualities that give pleasure to the listener. Every Raga has a peculiar quality of its own. To be acquainted with Ragas, a musician should bear in mind the following points :
1.   Ragas must belong to a Thaat.
2.   At least five notes are essential for a Raga.
3.   In a Raga the melody is very essential.
4.   A Raga must have its own ascent, descent (Aroha and avaroha) and fixed notes (Nadi & Sammdi).
5.   The Sa Swara (C note) is the same note (fixed) in every Raga, and both Ma & Pa are not to be omitted at the same time.
Parts of combination of a raga
There are 4 distinguished parts of a raga/composition/ song.
1.    Sthayi                  First part (face) or introduction.
2.    Antara               Second part or body.

3.    Sanchari               Combination of notes of sthayi & Antra
4.    Abhog                  Some notes of the combination
played in the upper octave.

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